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Island Time

Posted by on June 29, 2012

We’ve decided to post some recipes for food or drink that we love while we take a short break before we resume cruising on the boat.  So get ready for the Fourth of July with the first entry of our “Recipe” tag.

For a long while there’s been a few comments hanging out on the Visitor Map regarding one of my favorite drinks, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy(Why there are drink questions on the Visitor Map? I can’t answer that.) The Dark ‘n’ Stormy is a favorite of mine for a few reasons, for starters, it’s very easy to make and doesn’t require a blender or ingredients that need to be refrigerated.  This is important on a sailboat where space is a luxury and mixing a difficult drink is sometimes a pain – think about the difference between pouring a Rum and Coke versus a Mojito.  Next, it’s a fun drink, you can get a Rum and Coke anywhere, but a Dark ‘n’ Stormy has mystery and intrigue. And most importantly, it tastes delicious!

[On a side note, for those folks traveling to the Bahamas, Barritt’s Ginger Beer is everywhere and easy to find and runs about $15 a case. Gosling’s is tougher to find, but you can still find it in Marsh Harbour, for cheaper than it is in the States.]

Here’s my time tested and sailboat friendly Dark ‘n’ Stormy recipe.

– 1 Tall Tervis Tumbler (or other clear glass for reasons to be explained)
– Ice
Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
Barritt’s Ginger Beer

Fill your tumbler with ice, add half the can of Barritt’s, and float the rum on top.  The reason it is called a Dark ‘n’ Stormy is because the rum floats on top of the Ginger Beer, swirling like a squall above the sea, hence the need for the clear glass. If you need more help, watch this video.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why did you just tell me how to make the easiest cocktail in the world!?!’  It may sound easy, but believe me it is NOT.  Heed my warning, don’t vary from these ingredients, don’t use another dark rum because that’s what you have on hand, don’t add a lime, and don’t use anything other than Barritt’s Ginger Beer.  Might you still arrive at a tasty cocktail if you vary?  Yes, you may, but it won’t be a Dark ‘n’ Stormy!

For full disclosure, I enjoy most rums, but I’m somewhat of a rum purist. I wouldn’t call myself an afficionado, but I’m not a big fan of coconut rums, orange rums, mango rums, pineapple rums, spiced rums, or whatever else Malibu and Cruzan are releasing these days.  I recommend Pusser’s, Gosling’s, Myers and the darker versions of Appleton.

But to make the best Dark ‘n’ Stormy you ONLY want to use Gosling’s Black Seal Rum with Barritt’s Ginger Beer. Trust me, I’ve done my research….

Like to make it a different way?  Let me know in the comments!

5 Responses to Island Time

  1. Brett

    Sorry, I only drink Malibu and pineapple while simultaneously drinking Tequiza.

    • Brad

      We’ll have to add that recipe (for disaster) sometime in the future. 🙂

  2. Brett

    I have had my dark and stormy with Goslings Black Seal Rum but not with Barrit’s Ginger Beer. I’ll have to work on that. Looking forward to more recipies.

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