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Headed “Home”

Posted by on June 18, 2012

We returned to my hometown under sad circumstances, but at the funeral on Friday evening we got the chance to mourn and celebrate my grandmother’s life with my extended family. The rest of the weekend we spent with my family, and we had a few days to play with my niece and nephew. Additionally, I had the chance to see my father on Father’s Day, something that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

In a little bit we’ll get back on the road to head to Belhaven, NC where JV is docked. It’s about an 11 hour drive, so we won’t be on the road too late. I’m anxious to get back because I have an important repair waiting on me. On the way into the slip last Wednesday the throttle cable broke, and I had no way to slow the boat. Luckily I was approaching slowly and we had a few lines already on the pilings that I used to dock the boat. Later that night at the pot-luck another boater complemented me on our docking that day. I laughed and said, ‘Maybe I do better without the engine!’ Needless to say, he was very surprised that I had completed the docking maneuver without the throttle cable.

The new throttle cable should be shipped to the West Marine in Washington, NC today. I hope it arrives before we have to return the rental car tomorrow. After that it will be a race to get it installed, and get back out into the ICW. We’re trying to get to Bohemia Bay in the next couple of days so we can see our friends and take care of a few things before we continue north for the summer.

4 Responses to Headed “Home”

  1. Linda Sellick

    “Murphy” has been relentlessly attached to SV “Oneday” this season. I hope that he did not jump on your shoulder Brad when you were on board “Oneday” and find his way back to SV Joint Venture!! He`s hard to get rid of.

    • Brad

      Hopefully you’ll shake Murphy, we worked around him on a few things, did your autopilot work for the trip to Beaufort? Are you in Deltaville now? We probably passed you in the middle of the night.

      • Linda

        Yes, we are now in Deltaville and living aboard ONEDAY on the hard. On Saturday we will leave here and head for a little cabin way up in the mountains (Shenandoah) for a few days. After that we will drive back to our home in Strathroy ON. The auto helm worked for the trip to Beaufort, but it is still not talking to the course computer. Tony hasn’t had a chance to take a look at it yet.
        We arrived back in Beaufort in 4 days, but not without incident. At 4 a.m. on night number 3, the strap at the top of the main sail let go. That put paid to any more sailing! Tony would not let me up there to help as it was too dangerous. So, I could only nervously watch as he took the sail down and strapped it down securely. Oh the joys of sailing!!
        Linda SV ONEDAY

        • Brad

          Sorry to hear that, and glad you’re safe! A couple of years ago our head strap split while sailing, but it was on a sunny day in light winds on the Bay, nothing like you went through! Glad to hear that the autopilot worked all the way home. I hope the mountains and then Ontario are both cooler than the Bay this upcoming week. We’re trying to get stuff done without getting heat stroke. Take care, and hopefully we see you in the fall, -Brad

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