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Iguanas and Fish

Posted by on April 29, 2012

Tuesday was a slow day, we took care of some stuff that we wanted to do on the boat before we headed back to Georgetown for Regatta on Wednesday. Sabrina did some sewing while I worked on taking care of some stuff back home.

In between our projects we took the time to head over to Leaf Cay to see the iguanas that frequent the beach on the west side. We motored JV over to Leaf Cay in light winds to check things out. Once we got the hook down, we rounded the west end in the dinghy and could immediately see the iguanas sunning themselves on the rocks. We’ve heard of other cruisers feeding them, but we didn’t bring anything. They obviously were used to handouts and jockeyed for position on the beach.

On Wednesday we woke up and got underway mid-morning.  We had a good wind for sailing, and we put the dinghy on deck so hopefully we’d have better luck fishing.  The wind was out of the ENE and we sailed close-hauled most of the day, we enjoyed the change of pace after so much downwind sailing, and we weren’t too tight on the wind.

After a few hours with no luck, we started to get into some fish. There was a runoff, a knockdown, and finally I was able to coax a mahi onto the line.  We brought him all the way to the boat and I had my hand on the leader when he shook the hook. It was very disappointing because we could really use the meat. About an hour later we hooked up with two, same thing on the first one, he was almost at the boat when he got loose, but the third time’s a charm and we landed a nice 3’ female. The first two we lost were a little bigger, and just not hooked good enough to get in the boat.

Happy with our catch, we sailed into Georgetown as the Wednesday regatta races were going on. We dropped the hook nearby our friends on Anastasia, and made a few runs into town.  The Regatta party was just heating up and Georgetown was transformed into a boomtown of people, food shacks, liquor stands, and advertising tents. The wooden Government dock had been rebuilt and offered a great platform to watch the races. It was quite a change from the first time we pulled into this small town.

Stay tuned for the craziness of Family Island Regatta!

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