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Farewell Georgetown (for now)

Posted by on April 2, 2012

Today we’re headed east to either Calabash Bay or Conception Island.  We’ve been hanging out waiting for wind when we realized that when there’s no wind, we should be scuba diving! The first place we both thought to go was the wall at Conception, so we’ve abandoned the sails and we’re motoring out in calm seas to the anchorage.  Hopefully it’s not too crowded when we get there, Elizabeth Harbour here in Georgetown looked ready for water-skiing this morning it was so calm, so I bet other people have our same idea.

We had a good time in Georgetown. We said goodbye to Maxwell and Jen on Saturday and spent Sunday doing our U.S. taxes, I found that a fitting activity for April Fool’s Day.

One of my aunts posted a comment asking if Georgetown was like Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks, (which was the last place we were able to see each other) and it’s not…. But, it’s exactly like “The Pond” which is just down the road from Fourth Lake!  Strangely, Georgetown is the closest thing to a state-side waterfront town as we have encountered in the Bahamas. Whether it’s Put-In-Bay, Annapolis, Portage Lakes, the North East River, Hamilton Lake, Havre de Grace, or the aforementioned “Pond” they all have similar aspects.  Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out! All you need to do is simply replace the bluegills swimming around the docks with chub and needlefish, swap the freshwater for salt, the fudge (or ice cream) shop for a straw market, and add your typical boaters milling around the docks and bars.  Lake Victoria here in Georgetown has a bunch of pontoon boats, vacationers renting boats to go to the waterfront bars on other islands, three liquor stores, and the one central grocery trying to carry all the foods you love from home. To complete the illustration, nobody pays attention to the “No Wake” sign either! Check out the photos and feel free to comment if you think I’m crazy.

Georgetown is a cool place to visit, I can’t imagine being here when there’s 600 boats or when the wind is howling, but it definitely is a great place to stop in for provisions, and we’ll probably be back in two weeks for more free water (an awesome luxury) and fresh produce from the street-side vendors (another great perk.)

On a side note, lobster season ended on Saturday with a whimper (much like Ohio State’s basketball season,) but we were able to take the tail that Maxwell grabbed and turn it into some delicious sushi. (There’s no photographic evidence of my first attempt to make sushi, that didn’t work out so well.)  On our way to Conception Island we’ll be targeting tuna to make true sushi, I already have the ballyhoo defrosting on the swim platform!

3 Responses to Farewell Georgetown (for now)

  1. Janka

    I really admire the two of you for taking on such a grand adventure and for doing it SO DAMN WELL!!! It’s great to be able to live vicariously through your journey. Thank you for taking the time to document it for all of us landlubbers. – Janka

    • Brad

      Thanks for following along! Also, after bashing through 30 knot gusts in the Atlantic, filling up water jugs for the last few days, and fighting our batteries, I don’t think that we’re doing it all that well. There was a 165 foot mega-yacht anchored near us the last couple days, now that’s doing it WELL!

      • Janka

        Not gonna lie, if I could do it on a 165 foot mega yacht, I’d be all over this cruisin’ stuff!!!!

        You’re still making progress, you’re well fed, you’re learning you’re resourceful and you’re safe, I think that constitutes doing it well!

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