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Posted by on March 31, 2012

I don’t think that we’d ever be the kind of people to drop anchor here in Georgetown for 3 months, but I can understand why people do it. The community is very friendly to boaters, there’s a ton of beaches, beautiful hiking paths, and everything in town is very close to make for easy walking.  It’s a great place to get free water, buy some groceries, get some gas, and go to the bank, all in one quick dinghy trip. We definitely like it as a nice place to re-provision (much easier than Thompson Bay/Long Island) and it’s great to hang out with people and meet up with other cruisers.

We’ve played volleyball a few times over the last couple days with our friends on the Chat n’ Chill beach, the matches were very exciting.  In between games you can cool off in the ocean water while rays swim around your legs and over your feet (they’re looking for scraps from the conch bar that’s on the beach.) On Thursday night we went to the party at Peace and Plenty for a last hurrah before we parted ways.  Thursday morning Sabrina and I did some hiking up to the monument and visited most of the beaches on Stocking Island.

On a side note, I passed a Beneteau 393 in the dinghy a few days ago off of the Chat n’ Chill, and it took me reading the name of “Sea Life” and the port of “Sydney” to realize that it was a guy I admire.  Mark has circumnavigated in his 393 and crossed the pirate laden waters of the Gulf of Aden.  He’s also very active on the Beneteau websites and is always willing to offer advice from his experience with his boat.  I stumbled across his blog at and we’ve communicated via email in the past. We talked of things he wished he had while cruising, and things that he didn’t think were needed.

We bid farewell to Dave and Jess this morning as they headed north.  Maxwell and Jen are still hanging out as we all wait for a little more wind.  It’s crazy that a couple of weeks ago we all met while we waited out strong winds, now we get to hang out while we wait out these calm days.  While we await the stronger winds we went snorkeling this morning for the last day of lobster season.  We got one lobster, Sabrina saw a bull shark, that I almost ran headlong into a sawfish (or carpenter shark.) For those scoring at home, that’s 2:1 lobsters versus shark…. not cool.  I was pretty excited about seeing the sawfish, and I somewhat remembered that they were kind of like rays and very rare, but I couldn’t remember exactly what they ate, so I boogied back to the dinghy.

We’re trying to find someplace to watch the Final Four tonight, but I don’t know if anyplace will be staying open that late for the second game.

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