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How high can you climb?

Posted by on January 21, 2012

After we enjoyed the festivities on Wednesday night, Thursday morning Sabrina had to climb the mast to finish hooking up our whisker pole lift line. (I had a messenger run, but it got stuck and we couldn’t free it.) It was a calm morning, and Sabrina was able to snap some photos while she was up there.

10 Responses to How high can you climb?

  1. Aunt Doris

    Hi, Just checked my calendar and we want to wish you a very happy anniversary today. What a great place to celebrate. We wish you many, many more years together. Love, Aunt Doris & Uncle Red

  2. Candy

    You sure you didn’t just make her do that for the rhyming? WOW–what a view!

  3. Dave M

    I am impressed… Way to go, Sabrina… You are awesome….

  4. Merrill

    Wow, 6 comments and no bong jokes?

  5. Dad

    I can save in “my pictures” the picture Brad took of Sabrina at the top of the mast, but I can’t save the pictures Sabrina took while at the top…any ideas???

  6. Dad

    Finally able to download all the pictures I wanted. Had to exit and re-exit your site, but finally got things to work.

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