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Update on the date!

Posted by on October 13, 2011

Astute readers of the blog will notice something new today….

Hint ———>>>>>

We haven’t abandoned our trip or anything, I just adjusted our departure date to November 15th (or so.) While my pride might be a little hurt (I hate missing a deadline) we’re going to get things done before we head out. I don’t want to be cruising south with boxes of parts on the boat, and I really don’t want to rush things and cause further delay somewhere along our journey. Getting a spare part here is a two day delivery, in the islands it could be two months.

In the grand scheme of things 15 days for an 18 month cruise is not the end of the world.

For those that are curious how the boat is coming along, we get hauled out tomorrow to do some work on land. I’ve guilted coerced asked some friends for some help on Saturday with the waxing and the grunt work. If all goes well, we’ll be able to make some quick headway and get back in the water quickly. If you’re bored and in the area, stop on by and grab a buffer, there will be food and drinks!

I’ve been working hard to get the engine reassembled and ready to fire up before we’re out of the water. Things are getting close, and I plan on getting the rest of the hoses installed today and start it tonight.  Here’s a quick progression of the engine being reassembled:

Regarding the boat show, we found an awesome new EPIRB (boat show special included a free replacement battery in five years!), an awesome liferaft, and on the way home we stopped into Angler’s near Annapolis and stocked up on a TON of fishing lures at close-out prices.

Things are coming together, an extra 15 days to work and we’ll be in great shape to enjoy the next 18 months.

One Response to Update on the date!

  1. Candace

    I know nothing about engines (surprise??) but yours looks absolutely amazing after the Rydlime. Keep up the good work so you and Sabrina (and Nermal) will be safe!

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