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The Common Cold

Posted by on October 4, 2011

Maybe it was all the rain we’ve had recently, or my current state of exhaustion, or the changing seasons and the colder temperatures, but whatever caused it – I’ve been afflicted with a head cold for the last couple of days.

This is very unfortunate, because I’ve had to call in sick to my job these last couple of days.  (My current job is working every waking hour to get the boat ready to cruise in less than a month – and I love it!)  I’m trying to do things that don’t require me to be outside in the cold, rain and wind, so the engine has been getting my attention recently.  Hopefully I’ll be reassembling it shortly, we’re getting hauled out next Monday or Tuesday and I want to run it before we’re out of the water.

On the bright side, drier weather is moving into the area.  This is great news and should allow me to get some fiberglass work done on the deck.

We’re in the home stretch, all we need is some dry weather, some parts to arrive, and plenty of time to reassemble things.  Perhaps the wonders of modern medicine and over-the-counter drugs can help us meet our departure date?

2 Responses to The Common Cold

  1. Heather

    Wow, your coundown clock says 27 days?!?! I’m sure it’s flown by for you — but this has me asking where time has gone. Good luck on the rest of your preps and hopefully we’ll see you guys before you set sail!

    • Brad

      Thanks, I’m sure we’ll see you, we have to plan when you guys can come down!

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