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We’re Still Here

Posted by on September 9, 2011

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, sorry for the lack of posts.

To quickly update you, Hurricane Irene was a non-event at Bohemia Bay.  The sheltered marina handled the winds just fine and since the storm went to the east of us, the water was sucked out of our area and we didn’t get flooded.  The boat made it through the storm with no problems, and many thanks to our marina neighbors that kept an eye on her.

Unfortunately, since Irene has left, it seems like it hasn’t stopped raining for more than a day. The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee have been dropping record setting rainfall amounts on the entire northeast, including the Susquehanna River watershed that extends through Pennsylvania into New York.  Along with many other places, this flooding is now impacting Havre de Grace at the top of the Chesapeake Bay.

We spend our winters at Tidewater Marina and they have posted a lot of photographs of the flooding on their blog.  This photo shows one boat owner using a dinghy to get to his boat…while it’s in the slip!

Just like being on a mooring!

We have a lot of friends who live in Havre de Grace and/or keep their boats at Tidewater, I hope they stay safe and the damage is minimal.

Luckily for Bohemia Bay, we’re on the other side side of the Elk Neck peninsula from the Susquehanna River.  While we’re definitely seeing higher water levels, the majority of the water is heading down the Bay.  For the last few days the water levels have fluctuated with the tide, and haven’t gone below what would be considered “normal” high tide level.

Here’s the graph of the water levels from the weather buoy at Chesapeake City:

Chesapeake City Weather Buoy

In other news, today is my last official day at work.  I had to say goodbye to the boat, head into the office, and hope that the marina doesn’t flood while I’m away.  Here’s what it looked like around 8:00 this morning, high tide is at 8:40.

Higher High Tide

More to follow when we get a chance to write, I’ve been working hard on the boat and to finish up my professional duties at the office.

For right now, just remember We’re Still Here!

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