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To The Boat Show!

Posted by on October 6, 2011

Today marks the start of the 42nd Annapolis Sailboat Show, the oldest and largest in-water sailboat show in the world.  We’re very spoiled to live only a little over an hour away from the show. By dumb luck we attended our first boat show when I interviewed for my job in Maryland in 2004 and we haven’t missed a year since.

Not only do you get to see all the fancy new boats, but anybody who is anybody in the boating world is in attendance. In addition to seeing all the latest boats, it’s a great place to try out new products, comparison shop for necessary items, and buy whatever you need at a great price.  Sabrina and I have a few last minute items that we’ve been holding out on buying until the boat show. We want to look around at life rafts, see if we can get a deal on a EPIRB, and generally double check our list to see if we’re forgetting anything. (For you cruisers out there, Dozier’s Waterway Guide will debut their 2012 Waterway Guides at the show, first place to buy the latest editions.)

Not only does the show have great products but they hold the show on the historic Annapolis waterfront across from the Naval Academy. It’s cruiser friendly with many people timing their trips south so they can stop and either work at the show, or pick-up some last minute items.  In addition to all this, they sell Pusser’s Painkillers inside the show!  With the warm, sunny weather we’re currently experiencing I assume the boat show will be packed with people on Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately, my cold has moved from my sinuses to my chest and Sabrina is about 2 days behind me with her cold.  Each day we feel a little better, hopefully we’ll feel well enough to fight the crowds at the show. The last couple work days on the boat have been brought to you by “Fishermen’s Friend” menthol cough lozenges.  They’re all natural, extra strong, and just look at how happy that fisherman looks on the tin:

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