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Monthly Archives: August 2011

H Season

Each spring many cruisers leave the Caribbean to bring their boats north for hurricane season.  For those unfamiliar with yacht insurance, typically there’s an imaginary “line” that  you have to be north of by June 1st, and you can’t cross it again till November 1st. This line is determined by your insurer and may be … Continue reading »

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Keeping Cool

As I’ve mentioned previously, we have a large freezer and a separate refrigerator on Joint Venture.  There are cruisers who say that refrigeration is a luxury that they don’t need, but I love having cold storage. To explain for those readers who are landlubbers (or worse yet, motorboaters :)) even if a sailboat has refrigeration, it’s not your … Continue reading »

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Rock the Vote!

The good people over at Sailrite are currently having a photo contest regarding projects in need of repair.  First place takes home a $250 gift certificate good for use at Sailrite.  Needless to say, between Sabrina making new cushions, modifying the dodger, and the repairs needed for the bimini, we’re getting VERY familiar with Sailrite, and … Continue reading »

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Under Pressure

Editor’s note:  I started this blog post on July 30th, and had to heavily edit it based on the problems that I encountered. Read on to see why your average boat project takes 2.5 times as long as you think it should! What follows is the first of (hopefully not too) many blog posts on … Continue reading »

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Nermal or Nemo?

With fewer than three months to departure, our lives are full of questions: where to store scuba tanks, how exactly will we mount the solar panels, where will we even BE in six months? And… can our cat swim? We discovered the answer to that last question bright and early this morning. Nermal is a … Continue reading »

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Dinghy Racing

We’re told that a dinghy is one of the most important pieces of equipment a cruiser brings along. Previously I’ve written about some of the things that I want from a dinghy and how we have tried to figure out exactly what we’ll need in the future. When we purchased Joint Venture, a dinghy and … Continue reading »

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